After many trips, meeting interesting hoarders, and going through the streets of antique sales, talking, reading and learning more about the history of objects,

I decided to create a space/community where we can appreciate and learn more about them. Value their rarities, distinguish their design and material, begin collecting objects that tell stories, and more than anything claim the "life" of objects, reflect on them.

Objects, is an archive of exotic curiosities, antique repairs, history, materials and selected objects for sale.

Category: Objects, Retail, Identity

Location: MX

Date: July 2021-

Brand Identity and Graphic Design by Yoanna Zarkin @000001000.2

Photos by Diego Aviles @vvvacio

T. + 52 1 3335782258

E: ochoeightotto@gmail.com

I: @renata.bricio
Currently in GDL, MX
Available worldwide.

For further enquiries, email me.

CV upon request, just ask.