Exhibition at Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona. 8 months of research on the travertine flooring and the tension existing between nature and the urban setting.

"'Inviting Life' proposes a re-reading of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich’s Pavilion based on its constituent materials.

Following the project ‘Beautiful Failures’ (2019-2021) – which questioned fragility and vulnerability from the two most delicate materials of the Pavilion’s construction: glass and travertine – in this second part, ‘Inviting Life (2021-2023), we explore the changes that transform materials by natural effects from the study of travertine slabs.

The growth of mosses and lichens on the Pavilion’s stones is often interrupted by maintenance tasks that seek to give the Pavilion an aspect of invariability that corresponds to its mythical and prefixed image. The effect of the garden’s biotope on the Pavilion’s materials and the links with other organic agents create an imbalance, a tension, which can produce a change because matter is never stable."

Exhibition Design / Art Interventions

Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona

24 - 28/06/2023

Organized with:
MEATS (Master's in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces) ELISAVA

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