Took one week to create a banquet for 80 people from scratch. Designing and creating plating, cutlery, menu, concept and cooking. Using only endemic materials and ingredients of the Boisbuchet environment. 

Monumental in scale and elaborate in nature, a living being, set in the middle of nature. We explored all the different aspects of a contemporary banquet, in order to establish a strong link with the environment of Boisbuchet. Working closely with our hands, senses, and imagination.

In order to realise this project, we used only what comes from the Domaine and its surroundings. Whether its the flowers from the meadows or the materials available in the atelier. It was not only a question of inventing a menu or staging a table, but also of making the table and chairs or thinking of original invitations to send to the guests. We experimented with wood, vegetables, paint, fabric, wax, paper and anything else we found on our way. 

Catering, Foodstyling, Tablescaping

Lessac, France

 28 - September 3, 2022

Chef: Alix Lacloche @alixlacloche

Cooking & Spatial Design: Renata Bricio, Leslie Hamilton, Lena Koehl, Maxime Van Namen,  Anna Pirovino, Nele Heeb, Shawana Grosvenor, Natividad Rodriguez, Kyunjin Kim, Heein Jeong,  Geraldine Biasotto, Grace Donley, Cleo Dolling, Nina Siverding.

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