The CEPVI  -Centre d'Estudis del Paisatge Vitivinícola-  this summer launched the project  
"The Culture of Water", an initiative that aims to focus on water: the state of the natural resource, its management and the various options to improve the emergency situation this specific area in Catalunya is experiencing.

The project joined forces with the ELISAVA School of Design and the Master of Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS)  which, has designed and built an element of ephemeral architecture, called  AGUAIT  which functions and claims to invite citizens of the region to approach the river's edge, regain contact with the natural element and provoke a moment of observation of the real state of our environment.

In addition, this element is a platform to welcome, enjoy and relax thanks to a calendar full of activities of all kinds: historical talks, technical debates, excursions, story readings, acoustic concerts, recitals... All with the aim of discussing the water resource from different perspectives: cultural, technical, recreational and social.
Category: Ephemeral Public Space Installation

Location: Cam
í del Riu, Catalunya

Date: Feb 2023

ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Roger Paez, Toni Montes, MEATS (Master's in Ephemeral Architecture & Temporary Spaces) Students.

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