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*tienda is a fleeting space dedicated to selling and showcasing fashion, design, books, and art objects. Its unique essence is in delivering an immersive, cutting-edge retail experience. It brings to life the close bond between designers and *tienda, imparting knowledge through conferences and workshops. 

Each edition aims to present a focused outlook, predicting trends for projects in Mexico and Guadalajara.
Ephemeral Architecture, Retail

Torre 1500, Guadalajara


26 - 28/11/2023

Interior design made in collaboration with S.I.D (Servicios de Investigacion y Diseño)

T. + 52 1 3335782258

E: ochoeightotto@gmail.com

I: @renata.bricio
Currently in GDL, MX
Available worldwide.

For further enquiries, email me.

CV upon request, just ask.